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We are committed to give the best service for you.

We are committed to give the best service for you. Our goal is to make our costumers phisically and mentally rested and leave happy and satisfied, with a renewed appearance.

The experience starts on the website

Our web page is easy to use and simply to manage. You can make an online appointment quickly, any time, even by your mobile phone. You can have a reminder by sms and/or mail if you would like to.

Maximal experience at your arrival

Our salon is located in a quiet, peaceful area with free parking. Upon arrival, a clean design and a warm welcome awaits you. Our reception staff will offer you drinks and coffee to keep you refreshed. You don't have to wait for the services, but if the previous guest slips, we provide you comfortable chairs and wifi access in our air-conditioned room.

We start the service with a quick consultation

Before each service, we make sure you get what you came for with a quick consultation. We’ll discuss what kind of hair or nails you want and how we could accomplish that. You can also use this consultation before the appointment, which is free and takes up to maximum15 minutes. During this time, we will answer your questions and clarify your idea and assess the time required for achiving it.

Luxury services

Hair services: Balayage, Color removing, Keratin treatment, Permanent straightening, i.plex treatment, OST Hair Therapy
Hand care: manicure, gel lac, nail extension
Eyelash: extension, permanent curling
Face and body waxing

Balayage Highlights

Balayage hair color is a French technique that is the latest dye trend to gain international popularity. The goal is to create soft, natural-looking highlights that look more modern than traditional methods.

As opposed to standard highlighting methods that use foil or a cap, balayage is strictly freehand where the color is painted on. You can amplify the hue to vary from a soft wash to bright and bold depending on your personal preference. Outside of very short cropped hair, it can work on a variety of hair lengths, textures and colors, making it truly universal and flattering for all women.

Color Removing

It's always after consultation.

Changed by the hour plus product use.

Keratin treatment

its a three step process:

ANTI-RESIDUE Shampoo: with the help of the alkaline ph 9.0 shampoo it opens up the cuticle, so that the active componens will enter easier.

BRASILIAN THERMAL RECONSTRUCTION: The acid ph 2.8 will help the intense hair filling. The keratin and the cacau will strengthen your hair shaft and make it healthy again.

DEEP CONDITIONING MASK: It will bring your hair back to a normal ph(4.5)level, that will assure the health and shine in your hair, which create a long-lasting result.

Straighten it

For long-lasting straight hair that looks and feels incredibly lively. It’s a service to kreate silky sleekness in your hair. This treatment will make your everyday life easier, you wont need a blow-dry anymore. Wash your hair and go!


Professional manicure starts with choosing the optimal shape of the nails after which the nails are created uniformly and soaked in warm water, then the agnails are treated gently. And the finishing is a refreshing hand massage.


Nowadays being hairless is a base of neatness and an organic part of the hygiene of women and men, as well. Most people prefer long-term solutions, and this is the reason why waxing has become more and more popular.

A properly accomplished waxing can last even for 4-5 weeks so we have the opportunity of getting rid of the unwanted hair and having our skin being smoothe. Contrary to shaving, its main advantage is that more traditional results can be achieved.

Moreover, the number of regrown hairs decreases on the regularly waxed areas from time to time.



1. Wax with roll head patron:

It is a sterile wax which is removed by paper sheets. This is applied particularly in bigger body surfaces.

2. Elastic galbanum wax:

It is a wax of special quality which guarantees a perfect result even by putting it thin onto the skin. It doesn’t need a paper to remove it, I oil it with a spatula and remove it by my finger. It is adviced for sensitive and precision-needed areas e.g. armpits, moustache, face, eyebrow, intim areas.

OST Hair Therapy


Hair loss, psilosis – of men or women -, extenuation of hair, itching, greasy hair, dandruff, psoriasis on the scalp, sensitive scalp, hair without volume, split ends.

Your family members, friends, acquantancies or you suffer from problems like these?

These symptoms are distressing but you do not have to resign yourself to them.

Based on thousands of our hair therapy treatments we can say that these problems can be solved by a skilled treatment. OST treatments are stated to successfully fight against hair problems.

Our treatments can be applied excellently before and after hair implantation, for accelerating the healing process, for regrowing the hair, for reinstating and maintaining the health of the scalp. When setting up the treatment, the latest professional developments and novelties were taken into consideration.

Our goal was to establish a series of treatment that is not only a temporarily solution for the hair and scalp problems mentioned above but can stop hair loss, rebuild hair and maintain the regrown hair.

For the sake of this, in our combined treatment the demanded result is reached by applying the machine tratments and our product family.


- Monitoring with micro camera

- Special scalp cleansing shampoo and treatment

- Soft laser treatment

- Dermaroller


Scalp cleansing scrub

The cleansing emulsion developed by our salon – containing 9 oils and several nutritive ingredients (avocado, olive, almond, chamomile and birch extracts, clay, D-panthenol, vitamins A, E etc.) – is extremely efficient in the skin nutrition, treatment and regeneration of the scalp. The emulsion decreases inflammation of the skin and has antbacterial, infection preventive effects. It controls sebum production and hydrates the skin, absorbs toxic sustances on the surface of the scalp and introduce nutrients in the deeper layers of the skin. We have developed this roduct for the treatment of greasy hair, irritated, itchy scalp and hair loss. The product is capable of stopping even severe hair loss within 4-8 weeks of treatment.

The scalp cleansing scrub is capale of removing the layer responsible for excessive sebum production, continuous greasiness and limpness of the hair, need for daily washing and the gradual loss of volume. Once the scalp is stabilized, it becomes capable of fulfilling its most important functions again: the skin can breathe properly (no itchy scalp), sebum production ecomes normal (hair needs no more washing than 1-2 times weekly), new hairs start growing (hair volume increases). The product does not contain any toxic or irritant ingredients.


Most frequent problems of the scalp are irritation, itchiness, greasy hair, dandruff and odor. We have developed the shampoo OST, containing activeingredients in more than 50%, for treating and stopping these problems.

With the utilization of the shampoo OST, hair roots ease, hair gets more lift, the active ingredients help stopping te problems of the scalp and with its rich, nutritive ingredients helps restoring the natural balance of the hair and scalp.


Dr.B. Erika (50 years old)

„I have attended scalp treatment since June. In the beginning, I went twice a week because I didn’t dare to wash and blow-dry my hair but I learnt it in a month. I used the special shampoo and balm at home.

The result is cathartic. I can feel my hair being alive: my scalp doesn’t itch. The hairs have come to life, either, they aren’t flat on my vertex. There was a half-palmful area where my hair was very rare, my scalp could be seen but by now, it has become dense.”

Szabina (24 years old)

„I have attended the treatments 12 times since June. I looked for this possibility because I had had a terrible hair loss, itching of my scalp, and I had had to wash my hair twice a week because of greasiness. Now, my hair falls decreasingly and my scalp doesn’t itch. I wash my hair twice a week. My hair grows much faster and I have more hair.”

I.plex treatment

i.plex is an innovative, complete and perfect 3-step anti-aging treatment that begins in the salon and finishes at home. The first two steps are handled by professionals and the third by the costumer who, following the advice of the experienced professional, completes and closes the circle to maintain well-cared for, healthy and perfect hair.

Reviews from our guests

Eileen Ghali

I'm always impressed with the professionalism at Niki's. The atmosphere is pleasant. The results I get every time make me so happy that I wait till I visit my daughter who is studying here to get my hair done! I'd recommend it to everyone who wants a fresh new look at great prices.

Sharon Fish

Niki is amazing! She did a wonderful job with my hair, but above all she is super kind and nice! Really recommended!

Leonardo Tieger

Excellent hairdresser, reliable and efficient! I have been going to her for about 3 years now and never once i was disappointed!
Our goal is to grant your request

Based on personal consultation, we work to make your vision a reality. We will listen to you and your requests, providing you with a relaxed atmosphere. We work with excellent products and our store also features luxury American Sebastian products! We give advice on how to take care of your hair at home, for this we recommend products that you can buy from us as needed. We also provide useful advice on skin care and hand and foot care in our cosmetics and manicure departments.

About us

Hair Club is a the best place to visit if you are looking for great service and the best results. Our salon offering the best quality in hair, nail and beauty services.  Our staff at Hair Club is friendly, english speaking, is chosen to the highest standard requirements to make sure that we give you the professionalism and the best that you need to feel completely satisfied.We are using only the highest quality of products and delivering an exceptional experience. Revive your color, refresh your style, love your hair!!

The team

I was falling in love with hairdressing at a young age. I've started my studies in 2001 in Canada. I had a chance to work in some of the best salons in Toronto. Also had opportunities to work on commercials , photo shoots and fashion shows. I took curses in California, New York, Chicago as well. After 7 years I've opened my first little salon.
I've moved back a few years ago and started to get experience in the beauty business in Hungary. Got to learn even more and by now I have a lovely clientele. I opened my salon Hair Club to be able to give my clients the best care they deserve. My wish is that everyone who comes feels great and comfortable, get professional hair care and leave with a smile.


Hi! My name is Réka Szaniszló, I am 24 years old.
I came here to Debrecen from a small border village to develop myself in a new environment in a superb salon, therefore I chose the Hair Club by Niki salon. I went to school in Nyíregyháza, and I was teached by a master hairdresser in Fehérgyarmat. I like to make buns, cut and paint hair, and make each ideas of ​​my guests come true. My job is my hobby at the same time.


The love for this profession is new, it unfolded during my university years. In 2019, I completed the basic OKJ training. After the exams I became a professional in hand and nail caring. Feeling the pressure of the rapid development of the profession, I have regularly participated in several trainings. This is how I already obtained a certification of foot caring in January 2020.
It is very important for me to pay attention to the needs of our guests, provide precise service, keep up with the latest trends and work with the best quality products in a calm, demanding environment.

Evelin Ágh

My name is Evelin Ágh and I am working in the beauty industry since 2016, as a makeup artist and beautician. My specialities are doing makeup, as well as shaping and highlighting eyebrows. The best part of my job for me is being around people and being able to help emphasize their own personal beauty. For me it is important to create a peaceful, cozy milieu, so that my guests can relax while I take care of their request.

Henrietta Lakatos

My name is Henrietta,
I've been doing nails for five years . I have learned the laities styles and techniques. I work to make the most of the nails I make with quality materials, precision and professional service. The most important thing for me is that my guests leave satisfied.

Melitta Fazekas

My name is Anna Ördög, I received my hairdresser certification in June 2021. I knew that I want to become a hairstylist since elementary school, because I always loved the extreme/colorful hairs that you can see online and it seemed fun to watch how those are made. When I was in high school I dyed my friend’s and mother’s hair and that was the point when I realized this is my favorite hobby and I was always excited to do hairstyles again. I believe that with a lot of practice and study, one day I can get to the same level as those hairstylists that made me love my job.

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If an appointment is cancelled right before of the beginning of service, we need to charge you with the 50% of the cost of the missed service when you visit us next time.

Thank you for your understaning!

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